Eyelash extensions are one of the most

sought after salon service and just getting bigger.

Unlike older generations of lash extension adhesives that are made in Asia. Novalash adhesive is of a surgical quality and meets strict guidelines for their consumers safety in the USA.

The FDA does not regulate eyelash adhesive and it has been found that the lash adhesives not made in the USA have large amounts of Formaldehyde which is very toxic. That's why we chose NovaLash it is made in the USA and contains no Formaldehyde.


Lashed out !

Why not.

Creations: That go above and beyond.

 Extension Removal​ $35

Nova Lash

Star Studded Lashes

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Eyelash Services

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Full Lash Extension $ 190

This is a full lash about 40  lashes depending on your eyelash count.

Lash Extension Fill $58+
This service is to fill your eyelashes back up after the initial extension application


Eyelash Tab extensions 1 row $35
two rows $45
These eyelashes are beautiful and quick to put on. They last about 1 week or more if your careful not to tug on them.