Spa Pedicure
This is the ultimate pedicure. Indulge with a glass of wine or organic tea, curl up with a blanket & pillow, Sea soak, sea scrub exfoliate, mud mask with steaming warm towels OMG this is how I would love to spend my time.

55 min / $55
You can customize any pedicure or manicure
with our add on menu.

Every add on is just     $10+

French polish  
Fresh fruit           
Bagel w/ cream cheese          
Specialty coffee
Fingernail polish to match                           
Hand massage

It is important to know how your salon sanitizes their foot baths. Did you know that you can be exposed to bacteria  from a tub that is not properly cleaned and disinfected.
Hand Treatment w/ Massage & Polish
Paraffin Dip for Hands or Feet
This is great for clients who are in a hurry but still want great looking feet . Starts off with a quick soak, then a scrub and massage then polish.

35 min/ $32
Express Pedicure
Nail Services
Electricity-free paraffin treatments with luxury skin care, aromatherapy, and guaranteed sanitation. This will surely leave your hands or feet invigorated and soft.
choice of detox or invigorate.

                        Hands or Feet                                                               $25
                        Hands and feet                                                              $45
Spa Manicure
Our Spa manicure is the ultimate treatment for your hands. Starting with a sea soak, an exfoliation, mud mask, nail care, hot towel wrap, massage, followed by a polish.

45 min /$36   
Why not give your hands the the pampering they deserve with a soak then exfoliate,then wrapped in hot towels and a massage .

30 min/$25

Our Beautiful Team
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This nail treatment is great for those hands that are in water all the time or if your nails just don't seem to grow. Used with a LED light to harden the surface of the nail or to add color for long lasting ware. When applied this treatment should last 2 weeks.

full set/ $36
Soak Off Gel Nail Polish  by OPI

Add on Menu
Our manicure starts out with a sea soak,  exfoliate,  nail care  with a massage up to the elbow then followed my a polish. This manicure is just like the Replenish pedicure but designed  for your nails.

30 min / $23
Organic Salt & Oil Mani
This pedicure is like the express but with much more attention to detail with all the pampering you deserve followed by a replenish  salt scrub to exfoliate dry skin your feet will feel like satin, This pedicure is awesome.

45 min /$42
Organic Salt & Oil Pedi
Nail Art & Applique's ............................... $7
Soak Off Gel Nails by OPI
At Trinity we create all of our own scrubs. mud masks & oils using only organic products.
Sexy Soft Feet

This is just fabulous, Cleanse feet, then a 30% peel is applied for 3- 5 minutes then neutralize with a cream. Then the Microderm treatment, then massage. AWESOME !!!!!

45 min $65
Add a polish change for $10
Add an additional foot massage for $5
Gel Polish Change

Removal of old nail polish then buff and polish again. Sometimes you just need a change, not sure if I could look at the same polish for three weeks.

Removal of old gel and re-polish/ gel fill
Just gel polish
Starts with an appointment
This Treatment is on        SPECIAL this month