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Flawless Skin


Learn Learn about known skin issues including Hyperpigmentation, Melasma and sun damaged skin.

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Medical Grade Peels

Lunch time peel 15 min / $35

​Cleanse, tone, peel, moisturize, protect done.

Winter Time Peels $60

This special is only good till 1/215

Winter is a great time for Peels. So call or stop by to get your dead dry skin off your face, Follow with a Microderm and your gonna have skin like butter.


Buy 6 get one free, that's 7/ for / $510 


Total Skin Care



Spa Facial / 60 min / $75

This is the ultimate experience. This facial will   target your skins concerns with a deep cleanse and exfoliation.  To follow with warm steam and  a massage on your arms & hands. Then a mask to suit your skin type, followed by home care instructions.

​​Express Facial /30 min / $45

This facial is for people on the go with very little time but need a little pampering. This has all the goodies of a spa facial but minus.

Back Facial / 45 min / $65

This treatment is for the hard to reach area

that gets really neglected.  I'ts a facial but for your back and all the same goodies plus a detox masque.


60 min / $100

Can we hear an AMEN!

Deep cleanse, exfoliate, tighten, tone you face neck & decolletage. This is all in one facial!  You'll leave with your skin feeling younger, fresher and more vibrant. We pull out all the big guns with MICRODERM, MICROCURRENT, and COLLAGEN INFUSION. If you haven;t tried this yet your face is surely missing out.

​Microderm, our Microcurrent Technology to         deliver collagen and proteins essential for younger  looking skin and L.E.D light therapy. Of course      your going to pampered too.


 Stimulate your skin, rejuvenate your complexion.

First Timer 1/2 hr / $65

One time treatment 1/2 hr / $85

Buy 2 get the third 1/2 price/ $212

Buy 5 get one free / $425

Rejuvenation treatments are performed on         average every 8-14 days for optimum results. . 

Between 4-12  treatments a recommended

and thereafter once a month maintenance is highly recommended.


Starts with a FACIAL !!!!!!

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Team Trinity

Creations: that go above and beyond.


The process of re- educating the

myo-filaments (muscle fibers); by stimulating them with small amounts of electricity. Microcurrent releases microspasms in your overworked facial muscles. It tightens lose and lazy muscles that are starting to sag. The result is anti-aging for the face and body. Best results are seen with a series of 12 treatments in a 6 week period.

L.E.D Light Therapy

​Series of 6 get one free, that's 7 for $300

Stand alone treatment / 30 min / $50

Upgrade any Facial / $40

L.E.D light therapy ( light Emitting Diodes) light energy to the skin for healing effects. The light causes a natural photo-biochemical reaction that can be compared with plant photosynthesis. L.E.D light therapy revitalizes the skin by stimulating cellular renewal response from deep in the tissue. This helps renew and repair damaged cells and begins rejuvenating tired skin. L.E.D therapy has been proven to promote tissue growth and help heal wounds.

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