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Microderm Treatment 35 min $85

Microderm is used to exfoliate unwanted dead skins cells from your face as well as some fine lines line & wrinkles.  Followed by a massage and protection.

Facial Treatments

Dudes Express Facial   35 min $42                      
Wow!! Warm steamy towels on the face, exfoliate      and a massage.

Pampered Facial  60 min $75

This is the ultimate facial but designed for

a mans face. Our Esthetician will give you a skin

analysis to better understand where your skin

needs help. Then warm steam, exfoliate, seaweed

​mud mask followed by a facial massage.

 Wax  Services

​​​     ManKini- $65

       Brazilian $65+   





       Leg 1/2  

       Full Legs  


      Neck Wax   

     with haircut   

  We ask that you arrive 

 with at least 1/4 inch

   growth of hair for 

    body wax you get

    a better result for

    sure, more smooth.


Man's Manicure

30 min $28

The man's mani will leave your rough hands smooth like butter. Sea soak the nails then salt scrub followed by an oil massage to the elbows, then file & buff and your on your way. Add a seaweed mud mask with warm towels.

Aromatherapy Treatment

Approx 60 min / $90

Ohhh!!! your going down with this treatment. Real aromatherapy massage, combines the power of pure essential oils with specialized strokes. Drawn from the traditions of both East & West. concentrating on the back, scalp, face, neck, shoulders and feet. Targets the nervous system easing away the days stresses bringing the body back in balance.

​Body Treatments

Ultimate Day Package

4-5 hours / $270

60 min massage, facial, paraffin treatment for hands & feet, pedicure, manicure, wine or beer w/ lunch.

Mini Day Package

2 hours / $125

30 min massage, facial peel, paraffin for hands & feet, wine and beer upon request.

Hot Stone Massage 

90 min $135

Experience a relaxing massage combined with deep heat therapy using heated polished stones. It's perfect to loosen tight muscles.

Jet Lag Massage 

30 min $45 / 60 min $80 / 90 min $110

The use of Swedish strokes to improve circulation and relax. Scalp massage & facial massage to release sinus pressure and optimize regular breathing. This gentle treatment will help you to unwind.

Man's Man Massage AKA Deep Tissue

( not for wimps )

30 min $50 / 60 min $90 / 90 min $125

Relieves chronic muscle tension through slower strokes and direct pressure and friction. Working into the layers of the muscle tissue & increasing their flexibility & elasticity. It improves range of motion in joints also reduces discomfort from occupational and everyday stresses.












​It's true, men are so neglected sometimes. At Trinity Spa we are devoted to make you awesome men feel comfortable and cozy.